Dobie Associates
Consultation in Hearing and Balance, Hearing Conservation, and Ear Disorders 
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For over 25 years, we have helped

  • workers
  • retirees
  • injured persons
  • manufacturers
  • other employers
  • attorneys
  • insurance companies
  • universities
  • research institutes
  • government agencies
  • non-profits

214 Morton St.
San Antonio TX 78209

Please contact us at the email address below. If you are not already in our address book, you will be prompted to send a second email before the first is allowed past the spam filter.

With their questions about

  • noise-induced hearing loss and acoustic trauma
  • age-related hearing loss
  • allocation/apportionment
  • ototoxicity
  • tinnitus
  • other ear disorders
  • dizziness and balance disorders
  • hearing conservation
  • hearing tests
  • disability and fitness to work
  • research
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